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TEOK Sydney #2



@ FRONTYARD Marrickville.

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#2.1 'False Dichotomies / Expanded View'

Matt Cornell

The dizziness and wonder of the exploded view. The fun that we can have with false dichotomies. 

Matt Cornell is based in the Asia-Pacific region and grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through dancechoreographysound,  photography, and discussion to craft beautiful ways to subvert dominant cultural narratives. 

#2.2 'Walking'

Massimo Santanicchia

Since arriving in Australia one month ago he has walked 423,9 km. Walking is Massimo’s way to explore the world and to reflect and contemplate on how best to become part of the landscape.

Massimo is an architect, urbanist and researcher with a passion for travelling. He has visited 795 cities in his lifetime and has walked thousands of kilometres..

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TEOK Sydney #1



@ FRONTYARD Marrickville

#1.1 'In Praise of Picture Books'

Janet Jin

In medieval China (550-1650 CE), what began as the translation of Indian sutra texts into a more comprehensive medium, legitimised the visual image as a way for stories to be communicated across linguistic boundaries for a foreign audience. This talk investigates to what extent the communicative power of the visual influences our tech-obsessed society today. At a time of increasing tribalism and speedy Googling, is our visuality becoming insular when compared to the bygone phenomenon of folk picture recitation in China, South Asia and Central Europe in another era... and are we able to reconcile difference and displacement in a global visual landscape?

#1.2 'Silver Fish Slice'

Macushla Robinson (via google hangouts from London live)

This talk reveals a new discovery behind Macushla's personal family heritage. A family heirloom (an embossed silver fish slicer) leads her to embark on a journey of research and travel to reveal more about her family's history in the slave trades of the Carribean - another time and place. A fusion of personal sentimentality, empathic guilt, and an intellectual battle of contemporary ethics and ideals are raised by this revelation of a difficult history to fathom. The appearance of an object delivered by her grandmother leads us on a short and poignant journey through the islands of St.Vincent and through an archive covered in mildew and dust of ledgers of a forgotten culture in the jungle - one of abandonment into relic that holds poignant secrets and records of human trafficking from a neglected cultural chasm.. and how this is reaching now the attention of local political repatriation.

First presenter Janet Jin 'In Praise of Picture Books'.

First presenter Janet Jin 'In Praise of Picture Books'.