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Still from Perpetual Operator, Dominique Koch

Still from Perpetual Operator, Dominique Koch

#XXVIII.1 – EAT DIRT: Un-recoverability and Counter-productivity
Jamie Allen
Against hegemony, and against those forces that play purposefully, even joyfully, with the extraction, recovery and discard of novelty, true innovation and susceptivity, we can only create in reverse. It is in the dirt that seeds are supposed to sprout and grow anew. We consider here, this night, what it might mean then to EAT DIRT.

#XXVIII.2 –  As flexible as jelly. Some thoughts on regenerative phenomena
Dominique Koch
"In analogy to the life cycle of the “immortal jellyfish” – known as Turritopsis dohrnii, the only known living organism that does not die, unless by external force – a line of questioning focuses on the endless loop, on the concept of “limited and limitless,” but also on its relationship to contemporary social uprisings and possible strategies to shift the ratio of power towards the creation of new universes of meaning, potentially infinite too.“

#XXVIII.3 –  No president left behind, or a very scientific guide to resistance
Stefan El-Ghatta
In a time of uncertainty about the impact single events, such as an election, can have on all our lives and our planet,
we’ll explore a story nature has shared with us to hint at a beautiful path leading to the next level of human resilience.

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